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Plant Spirit Medicine

What is Plant Spirit Medicine ?

Plant Spirit Medicine (PSM) is a form of healing which goes right to the source - to the level of the spirit - and it does this by calling on the wisdom that is within nature, specifically the wisdom that is to be found in the ‘spirits’ of plants. The true job of healing is to nourish the spirit and this is what Plant Spirit Medicine does, by helping people towards nature and the source of well-being. The plants used are all local wild-growing plants, which are a hundred times more powerful than those from far away.

Plant Spirits

There are different strands of Plant Spirit Medicine and the common link between them is that healing takes place on the basis of close relationships that the PSM practitioner has developed with various plants through meeting their ‘spirit’ or ‘essence’. Through meeting the spirits of many different plants the practitioner builds his or her own ‘Materia Medica’.
Plant spirits are generous and usually want to cooperate in giving whatever the specific qualities they are able to give.

Diagnosis and Treatment

The form of Plant Spirit Medicine described in the book ‘Plant Spirit Medicine’ by Eliot Cowan is probably the most widely practiced form of PSM in the UK. This grew out of Five Element Acupuncture and uses the pulse-taking and diagnostic methods of that form of acupuncture. THe treatment involves bringing the spirits of the particular plants that will most benefit the patient, and feedback as to the success and effect of each stage of a treatment can be assessed immediately through changes in the pulses.
One particular plant is used for restoring the energy flow between the 'meridians' where it has become blocked. This plant can also help the energy meridians recover after surgery and is used in treating back problems. Once blocks are cleared, then the specific needs of the individual are helped, through ‘Elemental’ and ‘Special’ Remedies.

Who is PSM suitable for ?

Plant Spirit Medicine can potentially bring some kind of help to most acute or chronic conditions, as it is the ‘causal level of health’ that is being touched. It may be combined with orthodox or other alternative forms of treatment. This form of healing is particularly good for children as diagnosis can be carried out without too many questions and the treatment is easily and quickly given. Most children enjoy having their pulses taken and the feelings and effects they receive from the treatment.


Plant Spirit Medicine Association : www.plantspiritmedicine.org

Thanks to Sheila Lisster for contributing to this definition

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