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Hopi (Thermo Auricular Therapy)

Thermo-Auricular Therapy usually relates to the use of Hopi Ear Candles. These are named after a Native American tribe who are said to have first introduced this therapy to the West, although some representatives of the Hopi tribe dispute that this custom derived from them.

What is a Hopi Ear Candle ?

Hopi Ear Candles are not normal candles, but a hollow tube made out of cotton flax. To stiffen the flax, they are impregnated with beeswax and herb oils (for example chamomile, sage and St John's wort).

How does the treatment work ?

The treatment is reported to be gentle and relaxing and usually takes up to an hour.

The tubular candle is placed over the ear and lit. As it burns it produces gentle heat, which, combined with the oil and herbs, soften the wax and draw it through the candle. Once the candle has burned to within 20cm (4 inches) of the bottom end, the candle is removed, and the ear and surrounding area is massaged. The treatment is then repeated on the other ear.

What conditions can be helped with Hopi Ear Candles ?

Excessive wax, earache, sinusitis, rhinitis, tinnitus, headaches, migraines. It should not be used for those with perforated eardrums, or where grommets have been inserted, or anyone allergic to any of the ingredients.


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