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Maria Olsthoorn

I offer an empathic and emotional container for deep listening, to allow you to deepen into your personal healing process and affect profound change in your health and well being.

I offer the resolving of trauma and painful experience on all levels of your life.

I am an advanced studies graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing with over 20 years experience in private practice in individual and group work.

I work mostly with clients who are willing to commit to a longer healing journey so the time taken allows for effective healing. Within that time I teach healing techniques that can be applied without the help of a practitioner to continue to improve your health at home by yourself.

Specific Emphasis :

I work and teach clients online in individual and and group courses and workshops.

Qualifications / Professional Body :

• Master in Fine Arts NL 1980
• Certificate Colour Therapy & Healing QINS 1986
• Transformation Game Facilitator 1992
• Diploma Aromatherapy & Massage SPICA 1997
• Diploma Nutritional Medicine PNMC 2000
• Graduate Brennan Healing Science 2005
• Brennan Healing Science advanced studies 2010
• Brennan teaching endorsement 2010

• Member of the Brennan Healing Science Practitioners Association UK

In person sessions in my private practise in Findhorn, Scotland.
Online sessions globally.

Please visit my website, email for more information or to book.

For those of you who are on a healing journey who wish to deepen their healing work, this modality will help you build a strong foundation and container to allow you to resolve your acute and long standing issues on all levels of life.

If you want to check out to see if the way I work would suit you, then check out these short statements, and maybe you resonate with some or all of them.

If you find that you do you may well find yourself in the right place !

Is This for You ?

You like the idea of self discovery.
You are on or looking for a spiritual path of purpose and awakening
You are someone who loves more meaning in your life. You want to connect with a deeper part of yourself. You are interested in the world of natural medicine. You have possibly explored various healing modalities and have learned about yourself. You are keen to continue on your path.
You have some habits that you would like to change. You´ve probably tried a few times already, maybe you haven´t been successful, it didn´t stick ?
You are aware of the need to work on yourself and are really wanting to find solutions for some life issues you are struggling with, and would like some assistance to help you to move in the right direction.
You are a healer or complementary health practitioner, you love the world of chakras and energy and are looking for ways to deepen your work, on yourself and/or with your clients.
You are exploring what it means to be grounded and present. ( It´s not the therapy we practice, it´s the ability of the therapist to be present with their client. )
You know you have energy abilities and feel connected to the more subtle and unseen worlds around you. You are often not sure if your experience is real or you need a bit more confirmation. You would like expert guidance to help you to grow confidence in your healership.
You are longing to live your life from a higher consciousness.
You are longing for a clear Intention and to live life from your Essence



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