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Kenneth finds it easy to be able to schedule his clients to suit their lifestyle. In particular he encourages clients to be visited in the comfort of their own home, or a visit to your company or place of work can easily be arranged.

Hypnosis is a very safe relaxing and a natural therapy that can have fantastic long term life changing effects

Dealing with a whole range of issues from a-z, we offer a complete range of hypnotherapy sessions ranging from

Addiction and habits - like stop smoking, over eating, etc.

Fears and phobias - watch them disappear

Build super confidence and self esteem

Weight loss with drive and motivation

Nerves, driving test, exams, interviews etc.

Emotional pain from losses, break-ups etc.

Compulsive disorders - dissolve for good

Panic attacks and stress relief, anxiety

Problems with relaxation and sleeping

Improvements in sports performance

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