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Do you find it difficult to relax? Suffer from Stress, Anxiety, Sleepless Nights, Insomnia and related problems?

Linda M Hopkins from Feel Good Dynamics has produced a number of Meditation CDs and Meditation MP3 Downloads to help with these and many more.

The beauty is that once purchased you can listen as many times as you like with no additional cost for the additional benefits that can be received.

Also available are Relaxing Music CDs and Music Mp3s also Nature Sounds CDs and MP3s which include Sea Sounds, Stream Sounds, Bird Sounds and Rain Sounds. Customers are finding the Nature Sounds a great help with Tinnitus too.

Pop over to the website and start feeling good today!

Latest 2020 CD and instant MP3 Download now available ::

Guided Mindful Meditations - Short And Longer Sleep Meditation "Along The Riverside"

For Stress And Anxiety Release Relaxation And Sleep

1 Hour 15 Minutes of
Pure Guided Relaxation

* Relax And Feel Calm
* Release Stress And Tension
* Time Out For Yourself
* Enjoy The Riverside Journey
* Enjoy The Tranquil Background Music
* Fall Asleep Easily

Linda guides you through tried and tested techniques to help you to relax.

These can help you feel calm in order to release stress, anxiety and tension in a short space of time.

Then a Guided Meditation Journey along the riverside adds to the release and relaxation process.

The longer version on track 2 can also help relax you enough to drift off to sleep.

Listen regularly at first in order to learn these simple techniques. You can then feel more in control of your life in many situations.

Listening often to the suggestions on this recording when you are in this relaxed meditative state can help to reinforce the positive changes that grow within you far quicker than just your normal conscious way of thinking.

A CD you will want to relax to time and time again if only for the peace it helps to maintain.

Track 1 - Short Version - 25 minutes
Track 2 - Longer Sleep Version - 50 minutes



Do you enjoy the more spiritual side of things?

* Past Life Regression
* Medium and Psychic Development
* Meet Your Spirit Guide
* Meet Your Loved One
* Meet Your Guardian Angel
and more CDs and MP3 Downloads are available from the Website, Amazon or Ebay.

Also 4 relaxing Music CDs and Music MP3 Downloads are available 3 of them were released in 2020.


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