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Services Offered by The Mind Body And Soul Coach

Psych-K (psychology-kinesiology) is a fast, effective transformation technique to change old, debilitating beliefs and attitudes into better beliefs and attitudes.

The Psych-K process asks permission of your Higher Self and your Unconscious Mind, brings them into alignment with your consciousness and you'll envisage all sorts of positively charged future scenarios for your transformed life ahead. It's a comfortable and sometimes fun process. In my sessions, we usually laugh a lot especially as the client realises they're in a better mental, emotional, spiritual and physical place.

For example: "I can't lose weight" could become "I am always at an ideal weight and body-mass" with the outcome being that your subconscious mind leads you to make better choices and your self-talk changes for the better, too.

"Heights scare me" could become "I'm ok with heights, up ladders, in an airplane, on a balcony...". This can be tested immediately by standing on a chair/going up a ladder etc and checking how you feel... which will be better than previously of course.

"I smoke" could become "I had my last cigarette some time ago" resulting in your being put off by the idea of smoking, choosing healthier options and so on.

Typically, just one session is required per issue; this session is followed up the very next day for feedback by phone (included in the price). Typically also, one challenging issue once changed with our session/s can have a knock-on effect on other challenging issues.

Whatever you'd like help with, let's arrange it! You don't even need to visit me in person (although it's always lovely to work in person) - we can arrange one or two WhatsApp videophone or Zoom sessions to go through a whole list of what needs changing. As time goes by, many people contact me a year or so later with another belief or attitude that they'd like me to help deal with.

Life will miraculously change around your new beliefs and new attitudes. You might find yourself changing behaviours without much effort, you might notice that you've stopped thinking the old way and are much calmer with your new attitude/belief.

Read more on my website pages
or just contact me by email or phone and tell me what's on your mind.

namaste, with love and light,

The Mind Body and Soul Coach
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