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I have become aware after 25 years, that with the right approach it is possible to bring healing, freedom, and peace of mind to anyone - whatever the problem.

The uniqueness of each and every one of us should always be reflected in the chosen therapy. That is why, here at Solutions, I draw on a wide range of therapies to enable me to tailor my approach to your individual needs.
My desire is to enable you to find greater freedom in your life, and an understanding of who you are and the best you can be.

There are lots of reasons why you may need someone to talk to in an empathetic, confidential environment. It could be that you want understand yourself and others better. You may want to work out why you react in certain ways or feel trapped in a situation that is no longer enjoyable for you. People come for help in overcoming anxiety and stress, for support over loss and bereavement, because they want help in changing things they no longer want in their lives. If you are looking for support as you move forward to a new phase in your life, help really is at hand. You have come to the right place.

You will find a lot of information on my website. It talks about the types of therapy we may use and the sorts of issues that people come to me with. It also explains how we can help in educational setting; working with both students and children in a variety of ways. You will also find information on the application of Industrial psychology to workplace issues. Please do contact us if you would like more information about any of these things.

It is very important that you chose a therapist you feel confident about and can work with. I offer a free 1 hr consultation to every enquirer so we can talk through the things that are important to you and you can make up your mind whether you want to proceed. There is absolutely no obligation to continue if, for any reason at all, you think this is not for you.

If you should decide to continue, then the cost of each 1 hr personal therapy session at our office in Liphook is ?55 per hour for private clients or couples.

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