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Shamanic Counselling, Shamanic Guidance & Soul
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Being ´whole´, both in the sense of well in body, well in mind, as well as energetically/spiritually strong and balanced is the the aim of the work I do. Working in a way that is the most empowering to you is at the heart of my work. So you are given tools to use yourself on your journey, so in any meeting, whether for Help, Advice, Finding your Power Helper, Soul Retrieval, Extraction, or Nature Work, is carried out in a way that you are more able to help yourself afterwards.

If you follow the Heathen pathway I can offer this service in a Seidr-inspired way where you will journey with a staff.

Work can be carried out indoors, out in nature or via Skype. Distance Healing and Escorting Souls of people who have recently crossed over is also undertaken.

Experienced Shamanic Practitioners are welcomed.

Contact me to discuss whether this may be helpful to you, or to request an appointment.

I trust in the Universe, where there is much love for you.

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