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Energy Healing,  Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Angelic Reiki is more than just Reiki with Angels, there is a profound difference in that this is more like angels with Reiki.

Angelic Reiki is a gentle and yet powerful healing modality that works at a Soul level, with the highest energies of the Angelic Realm, treating the root cause of any condition, bringing about healing and balance on all levels promoting very deep healing which can be transformative.

Angelic Reiki draws from the Usui and Shambala Reiki lineages combined with ancient wisdom and healing techniques of Atlantis and Lemuria as channelled to Kevin Core from Archangel Metatron in 2002/3.

Reiki is based on the concept that life force energy flows through and around every living being. Our life force responds to and is influenced by our thought forms and everything in our environment. When our life force is disrupted, our health and well-being is affected. Practitioners place their hands either on the person or a little away in the auric field around them. The Angelic Reiki energy then to flows to the client.

Potential Benefits:

Re-establishment of homeostasis (natural balance)
Release of emotional blocks
Relief of stress, tension and anxiety
Pain relief and healing on different levels
Helps healing of past trauma and abuse
Stimulation of immune system and acceleration of natural self-healing
Balancing of the body’s chakras and re-establishment of harmonious flow of energy
Improved circulation & cleansing of toxins and impurities
Greater clarity, alertness and heightened perception/healthier perspective
Closer connection with inner wisdom
Deep relaxation and sense of inner peace
Improved sleep
Feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, re-energised and re-empowered

Angelic Reiki Courses of all levels are regularly run in Thetford, Norfolk, .....

Website  : http://www.louisepeyton.com

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