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Psychospiritual Alchemy: Ultimate Self-care & Self-knowledge
Beth Ciesco
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Services Offered by Beth Ciesco

Holistic Healing

Psychospiritual Alchemy? What´s that?

Psychospiritual Alchemy is embodiment and empowerment to step into YOU and remember YOU are divine. We work with one or more of four elements:

the physical

This isn´t mind-based talk therapy or based on the belief that shinier, newer concepts are the answer to life´s confusions and suffering. It isn´t about endless bar-setting self-improvement but rather, Self-recovery.

Stop doubting and looking outside yourself and embark on the journey inward to turn lead into gold!

You can select a service that resonates or mix and match for your ultimate self-care & Self-knowledge ranging from:

*somatically-inspired restorative yoga and energy healing for embodiment

yoga that targets your needs and challenges - back pain, stress, anxiety, fatigue, invisible illness, dark nights, PMDD & menopause

*profound mirror meditation training for self-realization

a practice and sacred tool for divine communion and awakening that makes it easier to learn to distinguish the facets of our life-experience as both human and Divine

*e-motion alchemy for self-empowerment through movement

1:1 support and space-holding for those on the profound journey of transmuting a full spectrum of the more difficult emotions (grief, fear, anger, shame, regret, loneliness, etc). Together, we perform alchemy and turn our challenging emotions into a higher vibratory gold.

*transformational voicework for free expression and creative power

using the voice as a personal healing and liberation tool to resolve trauma and open our creative center

All work is provided via Zoom.
Sliding scale for every budget.
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