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Guided bodywork, via video call.
N.V.R. West
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For anxiety, stress, mood regulation and movement issues, a gentle and effective way to shift structural patterns and make you more comfortable, providing you with more freedom, ease, and support in your structure. 

This isn't guided yoga, but it might inspire you to stretch and move afterward.

In these fully clothed sessions, using simple hand contacts and guided movement, we will gently lengthen the neurovascular tracts that your muscles have been protecting. This should naturally allow your body to reorganize and feel more balanced. 

If this sounds interesting, we will start with a 45-minute neck mobility session. In addition to freeing up your neck, this session helps bring your head back up on top of your body, and it helps to regulate your nervous system.

Sessions via Video Call.

Click on the Email link to request further information or to arrange a session.

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