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Are your days filled by constant stress, and never ending to-do lists?
Alan Bordeville
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• Are your days filled by constant stress, endless pressures and never ending to-do lists?

• Do you spend most of your energy trying to avoid mistakes or “bad” situations?

• Do you spend a lot of time worrying about what other people think and how to make them happy?

• Are you running yourself ragged while trying to keep your head above water?

And even as you try to sleep...

• Do you replay everything you “could” have done differently?

• Do you think about all the things you have to do tomorrow?

• Do you question whether all you´re doing is even enough?

• Does it feel like you don’t even have control over your own mind at times?

It´s exhausting. Isn´t it?

How did your life turn out like this?

You see…

Anxiety has the tendency to push us past our limits.
Anxiety makes us think that our needs aren´t important.
Anxiety leads us to think we need to sacrifice everything for the sake of ‘perfection’.

If this sounds like you...

The good news is that I can help.

Hi, I´m Alan by the way...

And I help people just like you every single day.

People who are struggling with anxiety.
People who feel like they´re on the edge.
People who feel like their lives are out of control.

So let me help you step out of your head and back into your life.

Here’s the simple 5 step process we are going to use so you can let go of your anxiety.

I call it the Bordeville Method.

Step 1 - Deep Listening

We all need to feel heard and understood.

Getting things off our chest is the first step in the healing process.

Talking about our experiences allows us to make sense of our situation.

I will listen to your story and your experiences at a deep level, so you can take the first step in moving forward with your life.

Step 2 - Putting Yourself First

We all need reminding that our needs matter.

We are not being self-indulgent by talking about our problems.

Your needs are NOT trivial.

I will teach you how to put yourself first, so you can take care of yourself and your needs.

Step 3 - Practical Tools

Here are a few concrete ways in which I will help you immediately...

I will give you practical tools that you can use to deal with your anxiety.
I will teach you how to take charge of your emotions.
I will help you find solutions that work for your life.

I will give you practical tools that you can use, so you can deal with your anxiety immediately, whenever you need to.

Step 4 - Express Your Emotions

Often, we are so focused on other people that we forget about ourselves.

Our emotions are messengers that tell us whether our needs are being met or not.

Once we learn the language of our emotions, we can start to get those needs met.

I will help you express your emotions so you can clearly convey when your needs are not being met.

Step 5 - Identify & Overcome False Beliefs

We all carry around false beliefs, which we’ve gained either through our own experiences or as a result of other people.

The problem is that these false beliefs prevent us from growing, from being happy and hold us back in life.

I will help you identify and overcome your false beliefs, so you can let go of your anxiety and thrive.

Here´s How It´ll Work...

First, you will schedule a time to speak to me.

You’ll also have to answer a couple of questions. Don’t worry, they’re simple and unobtrusive.

I just need to get an idea of what you would like to accomplish and so on.

Then, we will get on a call together to make sure we are a good fit.

You get a FREE 30 minute call where you can ask me any questions you may have.

Next, we will work together and use the Bordeville Method to find the root cause of your pain and create a plan to help you move away from your pain.

And finally, I will help you find a sense of peace, confidence, and comfort in your life again.

WARNING - Time Is A Factor

The opportunity to work with me is extremely limited because of the intense one-on-one time needed in order to provide you with results.

Therefore, it is physically impossible for me to work with more than a handful of people at any given time.

With that said, know that the window of opportunity won´t be open long.

So if you feel like this is right for you...

Here´s What I Want You To Do Next

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