A Fresh Start !

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A Fresh Start by Faye Philips - Free Healing to connect to your Soul's Purpose,
A Fresh Start !
North London N20, Greater London Email
United Kingdom  
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ARE you seeking alignment with your true purpose in life?
DO you find yourself attracting the same limiting situations over and again?
WOULD you like to remove the blocks to your own spiritual guidance and power?

I have been given a special new healing modality and I am looking for volunteers to practice it. The Healing involves working together to answer a few gentle questions, using my intuition and working with my hands lightly around the crown of the head to cleanse obstacles which can block your clarity, and can affect your health and ability to move forward.

This practice of spiritual nourishment, is especially needed at this time and for some could be life changing.

It should take between 20 to 40 minutes and it's totally Free. All I ask is for you to relax into a sense of trust and openness, and for any feedback afterwards as this practice is still new.

I am practicing in my home in N20 area of North London very close to the tube, and would prefer to work with women initially. Please get in touch if you're looking for a new beginning and need guidance.

With love, Faye

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