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Gelda MacGregor

Qualifications: M.A. Hons,C.Q.S.W,Dip in HSF.Counselling ,2yr Certificate in Jungian - Senoi Dreamwork.

Jungian Senoi methods offer a profound and creative form of self healing and empowerment.


I have worked with individuals and groups in healing modalities for 40 years. For 20 years I had a private and health centre based practice in Edinburgh and ran popular weekly dream groups in the Salisbury centre, Edinburgh and residential courses in Aberdeenshire and Scoraig.

Since moving to Moray in 1999 I have run 3 local dream groups and worked long term with counselling clients over the phone or via Skype. Suitable for remote areas and unsocial work hours or clients with long terms illness/disability. All have been satisfied with my online services despite distance.


I work with deep listening, compassion and humour. I ran weekly dream groups of 5-8 people for 17 years in Edinburgh, and later in Moray. After meeting my future Jungian teacher in a dream at Findhorn in 1977, I realised throughout my life the importance of understanding the dreaming self, the imaginal world, and working with the shadow.


Due to current Coronavirus situation all therapies will take place on ZOOM

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