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Welcome dear one and thank you for your connection and presence!

I am Namura, a spiritual guide and healer in service of Gaia and all her inhabitants. From an early age, my connection to the spiritual world led me to explore various meditation, healing and readings techniques, both on my own and by attending spiritual development workshops and classes. Being driven to further help others, I therefore got trained as Archangel Life Coach, Angelic Medium and Angelic Reiki practitioner healer.

I am constantly working with energy, Light Language, Sacred Geometry, crystals and other high vibrational tools and methods and most of my work is based on the guidance received through channeling various high vibration Light Beings, including my Higher Self. I find working with other people extremely inspiring, as everyone is going through an unique journey, which holds endless lessons.

The Angelic Reiki Healing Sessions are addressing our well being from a multidimensional perspective, creating a space of pure love and light, which is enabling each of us to restore their balance and realign to a state of perfect health and harmony at all levels.
The healing process is supported by angelic energies and Light Beings.

The Light Therapy Healing Sessions are tailor-made for each client, combining energy work with spiritual teaching and utilising different methods in order to provide the best frame for empowerment and pe growth.
Everyone has the means to achieve balance and true joy, and I am looking forward to assisting you in your journey of recognising yourself as Divine Being and Creator.

Light Language is a powerful and very effective tool that can be utilised to create energy adjustments at all levels, in order to assist with healing, ascension through the states of consciousness and full integration and embodiment of our Higher Self through our Divine Presence and Will.

I welcome you with open arms and I´m looking forward to assisting you on your path of truth and healing!

Love and blessings,


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