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Mindfulness is a powerful tool to draw together our emotional, mental and physical processes: An experience of the moment, what is happening now, rather than to dwell on the past or future.

We are living in a time of change.

Significant life changes and uncertainty can bring with it anxiety and or stress. A certain level of anxiety and stress is important as this allows us to live, to be motivated and to handle problems. However, to experience high levels of anxiety or prolonged stress can harm our physical and mental health.

Mindfulness Masterclass sessions allow will explore;
Anxiety, and strategies for reducing anxiety.
Stress, and Stress Management Tips
Positive Well-being with the benefit of exercise
Mindfulness techniques for every day.

I will be running online Mindfulness Therapy group sessions, £5.00 session, for 4 sessions. A total price of £20.00.

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