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Having worked in the NHS for over 10 yrs as a CBT therapist, I understand how difficult it can be for you to engage in therapy and better your soul. However, I have also learnt how giving you time, knowledge, openness to explore what you are going through and where it has come from, in a non-judgmental environment can really help you overcome your fears, worries, loneliness and despair and feeling stuck in a rut of anxiety and or depression.
Do your feel like you have changed but you don’t know why or where it has come from, are you confused by the sudden feelings of anxiety, dread, tearfulness, anger, hopelessness, feeling stuck, lost, stressed, fear, crap, nervous, easily frustrated. Trust issues.
Once we have worked together to understand why you may be feeling this, then we will work to overcome these difficult feelings, thoughts and behaviours my specialised recognised CBT skills and techniques to get you to feel much more in control of how you're feeling, which I’m sure right now must feel like they are out of your control.
Life is complicated, but you can overcome what you are going through whether it is in areas of meeting people, talking to family about issues going on, being confident at work, sorting out real issues, overcoming your fears or working on parts of your daily life that have also been affected like eating, hobbies, not being isolated away due to feeling low.
I will work with you in my relaxed and calming therapy room in Quinton. I work in the early evening on weekdays and early mornings on weekends as I understand how therapy after work or early weekends means it does not have to disrupt your time as much, so you can also get on with your day.
You can get better and be back to your original self. It just takes that first step, which I can help you take and walk into your healthier, new self which is happier, more connect and able to not be so affected by issues as now you know it is in your control.

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