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I endeavour to work with clients to help with their anxiety and depression. Mental Health can be triggered by anything and everything or at least at times it can feel like that and the therapy of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy helps you to understand what is causing you to be anxious or depressed or maybe even both and how to start to work on them to get yourself better and back to the person you wish to be or was. Mental Health can be triggered from childhood experiences to life situations of health, finances, relationships, work, responsibilities, changes in roles etc. i Will work with you to change how you feel to a better you.
I have a personal history of having many yrs of on/ of anxiety and depression from a young age and therefore my ability to understand the complexity and difficulty in managing it has helped in working on getting my clients better.
I find that as much we may see working on a person mental health of primary importance , it is also very important to look at any surrounding aspects to a personal life that can also have a impact in a persons mental health such instances can be in certain aspects like diet , lifestyle management , relationships to sleep etc. All these can end up having a negative impact on us getting better in our health. Especially as more research is showing the link between physical health and mental health via the gut/brain axis.
I love to adopt a holistic approach to therapy as that in reality what has allowed me to get better in my mental and physical health, and when i have adopted this approach with clients i have seen how it helps them achieve much more positive results in there mental health compared to just focussing on there specific anxiety and or depression
I have studied in CBT via Stafforeshire Universuty and completed a post Graduate Diploma in CBt in 2012 have worked nearly 12 yrs in the nHS in mental health using CBT and continue to do so on a part time basis.
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