Charlotte Phillips

Magnified Healing, Shamanic Healing, Empowerment & wellness Coaching

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Magnified Healing, Shamanic Healing, Empowerment & wellness Coaching
Charlotte Phillips
Penzance, Cornwall Email
United Kingdom  
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MAGNIFIED HEALING - LIGHT HEALING is a modality of energy healing that uses a high frequency light to heal the body and aura on all levels.

It is especially helpful for those suffering from general stress, fatigue, depression, anxiety or who have a more serious illness that effects the immune system, hormonal system, nervous system, brain or specific organs of the body; prostate, liver, kidneys, thyroid.
Magnified light healing has the ability to work on each system individually aswell as balance the emotional and mental and spiritual bodies that can be aggravating a condition. It is particularily useful for addictions and coma recovery. It is non invasive and works well to support you body whilst working alongside conventional medicine. It can be used for people and animals / pets, in person or from a distance.

BODY, MIND, SPIRIT ACTIVATION is also magnified healing but uses a different procedure. It heals the body and charges its energy centers, balances karma and is an initiation into awakening the divine self. This is appropriate for people who are wanting to find more of a sense of purpose in life, empowerment and generally boost their energy. It can also be done in person or at a distance.

SHAMANIC HEALING is for those who feel they need a clearing of unhelpful thought-forms in their aura, entities, curse removal work or guidance and healing in the case of psychic attack.

EMPOWERMENT & WELLNESS COACHING is for the senstive people out there who feel that life easily overwhelms them. It is also for those starting out on the spiritual path who are ready to make the changes necessary to step into their power and take charge of their health and hearts desires. True health and power come from a combination of harmonising mind, body and spirit. I help guide and support people on this path with energy healing, dietry and exercise guidance, spiritual practises and other empowering tools for grounding and empathy overwhelm.

I trained in spiritual healing and esoteric studies with BMSI Healing Federation in Sussex for 3 years. I am a certified Master teacher/practitioner of Magnified Healing incorperating two powerful light healing methods for healing and awakening. I am also a certified ´Energy for life´ wellness coach and a practitioner of shamanism, taught to me by respected Uk shamanic teacher Chris Luttichau.

I work internationally via skype and distant healing and in person in penzance, Cornwall.


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