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AtlasPROfilax ® is a physical therapy taught at the AtlasPROfilax Academy Switzerland ® AG. Rene Schümperli gifted the world with a simple and very effective neuromuscular release massage technique that allows the atlas or C-1 to be realigned in a simple way.

Atlas misalignment is a very common condition in humans and although there is not an extensive explanation about why it happens, we know that once the atlas returns to its correct place, the body experiences great healing. It can help with back pain, hip misalignment, different leg length, headaches, neck pain, scoliosis and posture, among other conditions.

It gets even better: this treatment is usually needed only once!

As a very sensitive healer I am filled with joy every time I see the brightness of the Light in each client´s aura after having the alignment as it has a direct impact on the Alta major chakra.
I am one of the few AtlasPROfilax ® practitioners in London and finished my studies in 2009.

Eternal Light Healing ® is a very high vibrational energy system. This therapy is very effective in children and people of all ages and from all walks of life.
I will work on your energy field and sometimes on your physical body too. The energies can clear blockages, fill you with gentleness or energise you as needed.
The focus of Eternal Light ® or Gaia Healing (as it is also called) is to allow more love and joy into your life.
These sacred energies can hold you and support you whole, during times of crisis, big changes and every day challenges.
Eternal Light for survivors of childhood trauma
If you are drawn to this page, probably it is time for you to heal. Time for you to connect with your inner child and feel safe. I know it might not be a comfortable journey. I am here to support you. I am here to hold a sacred space for you where you can love and accept yourself, where you can forgive and let go of the past. And feel whole.
I work with male and female survivors on a one to one basis.
This is for you whether you remember your story or are now starting to have flashbacks and need support.

We humans are perfect resilient beings. We can live in extreme situations and thrive for a while, but we do not have to do it alone. It is OK to ask for help and feel supported. I am here to assist you with my healing tools.

Enjoy life


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