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I provide a service to help people with their physical, mental and spiritual problems using sound healing, oil and water therapy.

I have helped hundreds of people over the years using sound healing and some people have felt better within a few minutes.

The advice and sessions are free and all I ask people is for a gift/donation to my company if you feel you are better after the treatment. I do charge for the oils, fragrances or other herbal medicine that may be needed for treatment.

I have a diploma in herbal medicine and I also remove negative energy from people and houses.

For people who are not able to visit me I am able to advise and carry out sound healing over the phone. My speciality is pain relief, sleeping problems and depression.

Rapeseed oil is for pain relief which I have read prayers on. I sell pure lovely moroccan oil which is used for depression and sleeping problems. I also sell blackseed oil which is an energiser.

There is a policy of confidentiality which I follow which means your data or information is not disclosed to anyone. I do ask people to give a good review if they gain satisfaction from my service.

My company will be doing cupping/Hijama very soon, to be performed by my colleague who has a diploma.

Thank you

Omar Ansari
Heaven Exists

Website  : https://healers.co.uk/fullpage.php?ckey=12959


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