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Annette - Psychic/Clairvoyant, Medium, Healer
Annette - Psychic/Clairvoyant, Medium, Healer
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Annette Bradbury

I have been doing readings for more than 20 years - they are done with compassion and insight, but are not necessarily quick fixes. Sometimes lessons or challenges are needing to be mastered or patience learned - we also have free will, so the final decision is with the client.

Psychic Counselling deals with the here and now, the Mediumship might just be for closure with those who have passed over and there might also be times when healing is required - either in the form of physical touch or Holistic Healing. With Healing the client might experience immediate relief or there might be a short period before the benefits are felt - at times there is an emotional release - anger, grieving, tears and sometimes they even feel quite nauseous - but this is also part of their healing and what they are needing at that time.

On my website, I have Certificates and Diplomas for everything I do - these also give more clarity on the various modalities. There was an article about me in a magazine and I was on TV in South Africa on ETv on the 13th and 14th February 2016 re Internet Dating - my advice was that you need to listen to your head as well as your heart.

I worked for myself for 35 years in South Africa as a Senior Bookkeeper/Accountant and sold, supported and trained on IT Accounting and Payroll packages, but have been doing Psychic Counselling (Psychotherapy), Clairvoyance, Mediumship and Healing for more than 25 years – in S.A. and now the UK.

During the reading I give the client a short Astrology on who they are as a personality and insight into the coming year, but use the Palmistry only for relationships – how many there will be, how many of significance and how many there were before the real one. I channel words and write two pages of information which I give to the client, then use the cards (Aspects of Self Tarot deck) or Runes or Numerology or Past Lives Oracle Deck (usually relevant in your current situation/life and not necessarily a Past Life, which I can’t prove anyway) or other tools or my Pendulum as a confirmation of what you have already been told clairvoyantly. If I am given a time frame it is usually accurate to the day.

I look at Emotional, Financial, General, Medical and Relationships issues - readings are done with insight, clarity and practical advice – they are done to guide and help with decision making, so the client can use this information or not – it is entirely their choice – we were all given free will.

With regard to Mediumship, not everyone will necessarily appear during the reading – they have sometimes moved on or the questions are no longer relevant – am also not necessarily be given the circumstances of their passing or their initials – only what is relevant.

Although I´ve had this gift from birth I have more than 20 Certificates and Diplomas and am registered as a Diviner and Traditional Healer amongst others. E.mail and telephone readings are offered – for an e.mail reading I need your name, date of birth and any questions you may have, although I can work without these.

There was an article about me in The Femina magazine some years ago, and I appeared on TV in South Africa on the 13th and 14th February 2016.

I work from home and various MBS Events, Holistic Fairs and Craft Markets.


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