The Sun Dial Retreat And Sanctuary

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Kenny Corris Physical Medium/ Psychic Surgeon/Healing/Guidance
The Sun Dial Retreat And Sanctuary
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Kenny Corris

Kenny is a working Medium, Clairvoyant, Psychic, and Astrologer, a Healer, Psychic surgeon, Teacher, Therapist and Life Coach with nearly 60 years of experience.

Healing given on all levels from hands on healing, absent healing to psychic surgery with Spirit doctors and nurses.

Healing also given through Aromatherapy. (Member of the Holistic Aromatherapy Foundation)

The Healing World of Kenny Corris

Kenny has served Spirit since he was seven years old. He is an award-winning natural Healer and Psychic Surgeon guided by Spirit and the Angelic Realms for over sixty years. Together with his faithful team of Doctors, Surgeons and Specialist Nurses in Spirit he presents an ongoing service of both Distant Healing and Psychic Surgery online.

Kenny receives many referrals from Doctors, and has lectured in the art of Healing and resolving Healing Blocks in the Human and Animal Kingdom. Healing is Love, and in Kenny’s Hands the patient receives a message that transcends symptoms and brings a Holistic pain-free result. He has worked with a variety of illnesses and he always offers a way of contact that brings the powerful and needed energy sources directly to the suffering; alleviating pain and helping to ensure the wellbeing of his many Worldwide Patients. He insists that, in the healing process, the patient is in charge of their own body.

Kenny is listed and accredited by the American Federation of Certified Psychic Workers. He has been especially awarded four stars for Healing services to the UK. Kenny is also in the top fifty of the World’s Best Lightworkers, turning his energy into a powerful tool that generates a Healing Force, which he uses sincerely to Heal anyone who needs it.

The Sun Dial Retreat and Sanctuary
Costa Blanca

Healing Appointments may be made by either telephone or Email

Also WhatsApp / Signal / Telegram / Zoom / Skype / Facetime

Please DO NOT hesitate to make an enquiry.
Healing always sent with Love.
Nobody should ever have to live in pain!

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