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Philomena Houlihan-Wood : Esoteric Soul Healing

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Philomena Houlihan-Wood : Esoteric Soul Healing
Philomena Houlihan Wood
Bishop's Castle, Shropshire Email
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Phone : 01588 638242
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Distance Healing,  Counselling - Online,  Counselling - Spiritual,  Energy Healing

Philomena Houlihan Wood, B.A.(Dublin), Dip.Couns.(Wales), Cert.E.S.H., MBACP.

Esoteric Soul Healing is a unique, powerful, subtle-energy method of healing, which can be the catalyst for deep personal change and a renewed sense of Life Purpose.

It works with your higher consciousness to restore harmony and balance in your life, and is a transformational experience for Soul, Mind and Body. It is based on the teaching of Alice A Bailey, and works with the energy of your soul to effect change and provide spiritual nourishment.

Soul Healing is effective in releasing energy blockages which may be causing physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual difficulties.

Distant Esoteric Soul Healing is available to any client, and is as effective as a visit in person.

I can offer a Distant Healing service to those clients who may be unable to make a personal visit for any reason. Distance is no limitation, I can provide distant healing worldwide.

An arrangement is mutually agreed to carry out the Healing session at a pre-arranged time. Consultations before and after the Healing session can be made by telephone, post, email or Skype.

Keywords : Spiritual development, soul healing, distance healing

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