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Annabel Hollis

I’ve been a qualified massage therapist since 2006 working from my home, clinics and retreat centres locally and nationally. My 2 year training was in Therapeutic Massage. Before this I worked as a nurse for 11 years working in a variety of settings including a hospice and an anthroposophical clinic.

My approach is holistic, and incorporates deep tissue techniques alongside stretches, rocking and passive movements depending on the specific need of the individual. A massage offers your body the rest and recuperation that it needs reducing stress, the creator of much dis-ease, and inviting greater health. Loving touch will enhance your well-being, bringing a deeper sense of aliveness and enjoyment of life. The way I work deeply addresses the physical body whilst also being attuned to the more subtle energies. I use a unique combination of strength, gentleness and sensitivity.

I have successfully worked with chronic conditions including headaches, migraines, frozen shoulder, painful joints, fibromyalgia and lower back pain, including sciatica. Massage is also highly beneficial for mental health, helping ease difficult emotional states such as anxiety, depression and panic attacks. Receiving massage is known to positively boost your immune system, improve circulation, digestion and sleep. It is also a great support for transitional phases such as going through the menopause.

I love this work and over many years I´ve built up a rich range of skills and experience which I confidently offer to you in a warm, cosy, Covid-safe environment.

Massage cost is £45 per hour. Some concessions available alongside occasional special offers. One and a half and two hour sessions also available. A charge will be made if a cancellation made with less than 24 hours notice.

Please contact Annabel for more details.

I have practiced massage at the following retreats :

Adventure Yogi
Hawkwood College (Summer retreats)
Soul Simple Retreats


“When I visit Annabel for a massage I feel in safe hands; she creates a space where both my body and mind can drop into a state of deep relaxation. Her treatments are an absolute lifesaver to counteract the effects of computer based work; yet are also a wonderful way to maintain a sense of well-being.” – Lucy Chan

“I appreciate the depth of understanding as well as touch in Annabel’s work. I find Annabel listens carefully to feedback from me, and my body, and her massages have helped release tension I hold physically and emotionally. Really beneficial!“ - Emily

“Annabel gives intuitive and thorough massage. As a massage therapist myself of 30 years I would recommend her.“ - Sheree Drake

“A treatment with Annabel is awesome for my mind, body, soul and spirit. Having a good chat with her about where I’m at mentally and physically is so helpful. I always feel rejuvenated, refreshed and relaxed after her massage.“ - Zoe from Stroud

“I’ve kept returning to Annabel for massages. She creates such a nurturing, relaxing experience tailored exactly to what you need at the time.“ - Georgina Anstey

“Thank you for a really lovely massage session – it was just what I needed, and was very sensitive and gentle too: I felt you were great at following feedback. It was therapeutic and pleasurable – yippee! You enabled me to drop into a deep sense of being at my centre. Wonderful.” - Iona Fredenburgh

"I first saw Annabel when I was in a bad way and she provided holistic, full body work which helped my full recovery. I feel in safe hands and her calmness transfers into all her treatments. I feel relaxed and supported to keep fit for work and yoga." - Chloe

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