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Services Offered by The Mind Body And Soul Coach

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Psych-K ®
Stress Management
Holistic Healing
Life Coaching
Weight Management
Heal Your Life ® (Louise Hay)
Courses and Workshops
Spiritual Development
Health and Wellness Coaching
Emotion Therapy
Distance Healing

When we change the way we think and feel about anything that´s getting us worked up - in the past, present or future - it affects our whole being including physically.

Give yourself the positive self-talk, emotions and state of being you need in abundance for something important coming up ahead, eg. confidence and calm for a wedding, exam, presentation, etc., total self-love to live a healthier lifestyle, and so on.

No matter what trauma or expectation, you can transform your world from dull to bright, anxious to being calmly in control, disaster dramatics to - well, whatever you need, really!

I use NLP and Psych-K(r) and Life Coaching techniques to deal with all uncomfortable states and to set you up for a better future ahead. You´ll install feel-good anchors/triggers, and you could learn EFT, a tapping technique to use on yourself at home.

Appointsments are with Zoom/WhatsApp videophone, or in person at my private practice or other locations in South London and the French Riviera. Usually 90 minutes, a couple of meetings may suffice; some clients prefer a more regular approach and see me every month or so after maybe an initial 2 sessions. You´re in charge, it´s up to you.

These precious minutes could totally change your life and outcomes for good, for your highest good.

Wishing you well always.


The Mind Body and Soul Coach
Psych-K, NLP, Life Coaching, Personal Fitness training, Yoga, Zumba dance fitness, Reiki energy healing, Meditation.


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