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DNA Healing,  Drum Therapy,  Reiki

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Are you feeling stuck in a long pitch black tunnel?
Are you filled with despair?
Are you in a no way out situation?
Are you crying for help but doors keep on slamming shut on your face?
Are you depressed & lack confidence?

My name is Sophia Starseed and am a Lightworker.
I have embodied to bring light on Earth and my mission is to raise as many souls as
possible to full consciousness .

I help people to break through the illusion of the matrix.
I use a range of different tools to channel very refined energy to help you through your journey,
shifting low-self-esteem people into confident beings and supporting depressed clients through their journey to well-being. I transform dis-empowered beings into beings of love,confident and bliss soul. Showing them how to discover who they really are and what their gifts of Service are .

I am a creator, a spark of the Divine and so are You.

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